Our Services

Managed Services

The world of IT is constantly evolving and the need to be able to integrate your mission critical devices in the day to day operations of your business is  going to require a bit more than just any old "tech guy". You will need the expertise of IT professionals who have spent years training and honing their skills to eventually be able to provide the best quality service available in the market. 

Pommells IT Consulting will help you rebuild your infrastructure with high-quality IT solutions. Our expert technicians are here to provide you with the services you need. If you are experiencing a technical difficulty we will work with you to make sure that your issue is resolved. For larger issues, we also offer on-site visits.

Our Managed Services will set your business up for success:

  • Help Desk Support- Our expert help desk technicians are already apart of the package so don't worry about any on-site fees.
  • Network monitoring- Our IT experts will evaluate your infrastructure from mission-critical servers to personal workstations. We wont drop the ball.
  • Comprehensive data backup and restoration- That important proposal you have been working on all week could be wiped away with a simples click of the mouse but with Pommells IT Consulting you will never suffer from data loss or security threats again thanks to our custom backup disaster recovery solutions. We use the latest state of the art technology to recover any data down to the last byte.
  • Virtual CIO- Our IT consulting team will meet with your business quarterly to discuss all the possible ways to help streamline your business processes with our IT solutions.
  •  Cloud services- We offer nothing but the best cloud solutions for off-site backups, desktop, server and email tools, among others.
  • Advanced cybersecurity- We will help you company to reduce the number of malicious attacks by keeping your networks and PCs under wraps with the latest antivirus and malware protection tools.
  • Proactive maintenance- Why wait until something important breaks for you to replace a $2 part. Our team of technicians constantly are updating all workstations while improving the level of protection for consistent technical efficiency.

IT Consulting

Wanting to invest in technology solutions should not break the bank but they should minimize issues in your IT network. However, if it creates more problems, then you most likely have a problem with the solution you chose to implement. The best thing you could do is to consult with our team of IT experts and get a customized plan to work for you.

Our Virtual Chief Information Officers (CIOs) help you make the right technology decisions and still keep the crippling issues at bay from plaguing your network. When you choose to partner with our expert consultants, you can rid yourself of the burden of IT concerns and get back to business as usual.

Heres how we will provide a customized IT plan just for your:

  • IT strategy design- We will take care of all the weak links in your IT infrastructure that are slowly crippling your business and offer a customized IT strategy designed to help your company solve the problems before they cause disruption in your day-to-day operations. We only offer cost-effective IT solutions that are made from state-of-the-art technology and industry expertise.
  • Technology implementation- Our team works with trusted vendors to ensure that the revamp of your infrastructure goes according to plan. 
  • Ongoing management and support- We provide support months after the project is completed just to make sure everything is working flawlessly.